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                              *How Should I Clean My Finished Project?

                              After your finish has cured, the best way to clean is with a water-damp rag. If your surface requires deep cleaning due to grease or grime build-up, add a speck of a strong dish detergent, such as Dawn or a bit of vinegar to your damp rag.

                              If need deeper cleaning, use General Finishes Orange Oil Polish.

                              Avoid using oil-soap or silicone-based daily cleaners or dusting sprays These products and the chemicals in other cleaners can contaminate your finish, preventing adhesion of future finishes.?

                              NOTE: Do not clean furniture until the finish has cured completely.?

                              Cure Time Guidelines:?

                              • Water Based Finishes: 21 days
                              • Oil Based Finishes: 30 days?




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